Committee Work

Part of the role of an MP is to sit on committees that study particular policy areas. The committees hold government to account, scrutinise proposed legislation and launch inquiries into relevant issues. I am a member of two such committees; The House of Commons Standing committee on the Status of Women (FEWO) and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN).

Sean currently sits on the following committees:

Standing Committee on the Status of Women (FEWO)

The House of Commons standing committee on the Status of Women (FEWO), focuses on issues and policies that affect women. In that role, it scrutinizes how federal expenditure, governmental policy and legislation affects women, as well as studying pertinent social issues concerning women, and the federal government’s role in those areas. This covers a broad range of issues and policy concerns, from pay equity to domestic violence. To find out more about FEWO and the important work that it performs check out its website Click here.

Current Work

FEWO is concluding a study surrounding the plight of Indigenous Women in Federal Justice and Correctional Systems in Canada. While Indigenous women make up 5% of Canada’s overall population, they are vastly overrepresented in Canada’s prison and correctional systems – particularly in segregation. This study has heard from a diverse range of witnesses, from Correctional Investigator Ivan Zinger, Indigenous persons and activists from across the country, Correctional Services Canada representatives, academics and more. The full list of witnesses and briefs received by the committee can be found here and I am grateful to all witnesses who gave their time to share their perspective on the issue and ways to improve the criminal justice system.

FEWO will be finalizing a report on the extensive study we conducted on Economic Security and Empowerment of Women in Canada prior to the end of March. Based on witness testimony, we will be making recommendations to the Canadian Government on how to ensure women are not disadvantaged in Canada’s economy explicitly because of their gender. To read witness testimony, view previous meetings, and see our recommendations to the Government, visit here

Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN)

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN) focuses on transport-based issues from transport safety to railway competitiveness. TRAN scrutinizes federal legislation and expenditure related to transport and conducts inquiries into relevant issues facing Canadian transport, infrastructure and communities. To find out more about TRAN and the important work that it performs check out its website here.

Current Work

Many coastal communities are subject to dealing with abandoned and wrecked vessels that are too large to safely and easily remove from wharves and Canadian shores. Our government has taken action to remedy this issue through the introduction of C-64, An Act Respecting Wrecks, Abandoned, Dilapidated or Hazardous Vessels and Salvage Operations, which is the subject of TRAN’s current study.  In addition to hearing from the Minister of Transport, I was pleased to hear from Chief Terrance Paul, the Mayor of Shelburne, and Mayor of Bridgewater to fully understand how this is affecting people at home. Click here for the full list of witnesses, and to watch previous meetings.

TRAN’s next study will be on the topic of a Trade Corridors and Logistics Strategy. The Committee will be exploring the roles of ports and central trading hubs to fully comprehend infrastructural needs from coast to coast to coast. More information will be posted once the study is underway.

Transport and infrastructure, and their impact on communities are vital subjects that affect all Canadians. Being on the TRAN committee provides an important opportunity to ensure that the best possible outcomes are created for Canada, and for the people of Central Nova.