Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF Small-projects and Youth Innovation now open!

We’re pleased to share that the Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) Small-Projects (Up to $100,000) and Youth Innovation Component (Youth-led, for funding up to $10,000) are both now open.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) provides funding for eligible capital projects that increase accessibility for people with disabilities in Canadian communities and workplaces, creating more opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in community activities, programs and services, or access employment opportunities.

Eligible recipients include: Not-for-profit organizations, For profit organizations, Municipalities, Indigenous organizations (including band councils, tribal councils and self-government entities), and Territorial governments.

EAF Small Projects
The small projects component provides grant funding, up to $100,000 per project, to support small scale construction, renovation or retrofit projects that increase accessibility in communities or workplaces. Examples of types of projects are: installing screen reader devices and hearing induction loop systems, building accessible pathways and ramps, creating a controlled multi-sensory environment, and constructing a universally designed office.

This Fund supports the capital costs of construction, renovation and/or retrofit activities in workplaces and communities, as well as the provision of accessible technologies in:
• Workplace stream: facilities where people with disabilities work, or could work in the future; and,
• Community Accessibility stream: community spaces where programs and/or services are offered, or will be offered, to people with disabilities.
Deadline: July 26, 2018
Link to application, eligibility and more information HERE

EAF Youth Innovation
The youth innovation component empowers youth to identify accessibility barriers within their communities and work with local organizations to develop solutions to increase accessibility and safety in community spaces and workplaces. Funding of up to $10,000 is available to support capital costs of eligible projects, which may include initiatives like installing automatic door openers, constructing raised garden beds in a community garden, or acquiring specialized wheelchairs to access sandy beaches.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) is currently looking for dynamic youth who want to demonstrate leadership and their commitment to their communities by volunteering their time to build a more accessible Canada. This is a very unique opportunity for young leaders to make a tangible difference in the lives of people with disabilities by addressing accessibility barriers in public spaces or workplaces within Canada.
Deadline: September 21st, 2018
Link to Youth Innovation application, eligibility and more information HERE

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