Club 60 in Antigonish receives $5,400 for club upgrades

What if I told you something as simple as a raised toilet (yes, toilets!) can make a huge difference in some seniors being able to leave their homes to socialize, and to participate fully in the community?

On Tuesday April 3rd, I was pleased to share the news that Club 60 in Antigonish received a federal grant of just over $5,400 through the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

The money is being used for:
 an updated fridge, which will come in handy for their various social events,
 a new heat pump adding to the year-round comfort, and lowering their power bill, plus
 new heightened toilets – making the restrooms more accessible, comfortable and easier for seniors who use the facility.

As part of the visit, I was pleased to join in on a quick tai chi session that was taking place, and I hope to drop by for a game of 45s sometime!

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